Shape the Future with Your Solutions

Are you an innovator, a startup, a researcher, or a professional team with the knack for solving problems? The Innovation for Society Awards 2024 is searching for creative minds to develop solutions for real-world challenges.

How to Get Involved

Select a Challenge: Browse through a diverse set of challenges and find one that sparks your interest. Develop Your Solution: Use your skills, knowledge, and creativity to craft a solution. Present and Win: Showcase your solution and see your idea come to life.

Benefits of Solving a Challenge

Make an Impact: Contribute to solving pressing societal challenges. Showcase Your Talent: Gain visibility among industry leaders and potential partners. Accelerate Your Growth: Leverage the competition to fast-track your idea to the market.

If you have any questions about the challenge you have chosen, you can ask us.

Questions can be asked until final application date, June 10, 2024.

Evaluation Criteria

The subsequent evaluation criteria will be consistently applied throughout all phases of the IFS 2024 competition.

The evaluation and screening process following submission will be conducted solely by the challenge owners, based on the established criteria.

During the bootcamp and final pitching stages, evaluation will be carried out by a panel comprising various parties and experts, including challenge owners, coaches, organizers, co-organizers, and supporters, also adhering to the predefined criteria.

Furthermore, individuals attending Awards Ceremony, including end users, companies, researchers, citizens, and other stakeholders who are not part of the IFS competition, will have the chance to evaluate. Their votes will also play a role in determining the final score.



The extent to which the proposed solution aligns with and meets the requirements and specifications outlined by the Challenge Owner.


  1. TEAM

Complementary skills of the team, its ability to meet technological as well as economic/business requirements are primarily evaluated, as well as the ambition of the team to set ambitious goals and achieve them.



The innovative character of the proposed solution/idea compared to other existing competitive solutions and technologies is evaluated. Participants should be compared with solutions not only in the Greek but also in the European and global market and explore trends for innovative solutions that will create new competitors.



Social impact refers to the positive effects that a proposed solution or initiative will have on society. It assesses the extent to which the proposed solution creates directly or indirectly, meaningful, and lasting change for the betterment of society. At the same time extremely important is the size of the market or the scope of its application determines the potential of the solution to create significant economic impact.



The emphasis the team places on quality throughout its participation in the competition activities (preparation of material, prototypes, intermediate and final presentations) as well as consistency in complying with relevant specifications and schedules are evaluated. An important aspect of excellence is the stage of development of the solution, and under this criterion the progress of the proposed solution’s development could be assessed at the TRL level, if feasible, or/and at the maturity stage tied to the advancement of a related Proof of Concept (PoC), prototype, or Minimum Viable Product (MVP).