Who We Are

The One Stop Liaison Office, acting as an innovation support mechanism, in  conjunction with the entirety of the innovation ecosystem, is pleased to unveil an open innovation initiative known as the Innovation for Society Awards (IFS) 2024. This endeavor serves as a platform where creativity, technology, and collaboration intersect to showcase Central Macedonia as a beacon of innovation within Southeast Europe.

Our Vision

Innovate. Collaborate. Transform. We champion the power of collaboration, innovation, and creativity to enhance lives and address today’s challenges. Join us in crafting sustainable innovations for societal benefit.


The IFS Awards are more than a competition; they’re a movement towards solving real-world challenges through open innovation. We’re calling on startups, researchers, professional teams, and individuals with bright ideas to join us.

Why Join IFS?

For Challenge Providers: Access innovative solutions, catalyze progress, and enhance your industry standing. For Solution Innovators: Make a significant impact, showcase your talent, and accelerate your idea’s journey to the market. How It Works Discover the pathway to innovation, whether you’re bringing a challenge to the table or aiming to solve one. Your journey to making a difference starts here.


"ISOMAT’s participation in Open Innovation Competitions surpassed our expectations with the innovative solutions given and the fruitful collaboration with talented researchers. Looking forward to the IFS Awards initiative.”
Elisa Lampoudi, Project Manager
“An optimal setting for facilitating connections between the research sector, start-ups, and industry, fostering accelerated innovation and bolstering economic resilience”
Olympia Kotrotsiou, Researcher PhD, CERTH
“Open Innovation Challenges proved to be an excellent opportunity for corporates to promote a much-needed cultural shift towards embracing change, and for innovators to tackle pressing, real-world challenges faced by businesses.”
C. Grapsas, Confluence coordinator