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25 April 2024

Infoday : Technology Forum

10 June 2024

Application deadline

October 2024

Demo day, pitching, ceremony
IFS Awards

Unleashing Innovation for a Better Tomorrow!

Join the Innovation for Society Awards (IFS) 2024 and dive into the heart of open innovation with Central Macedonia’s premier initiative. Whether you’re facing a challenge or have a solution to offer, let’s transform ideas into reality together!

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Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Are you facing a hurdle that stifles your growth or innovation? The Innovation for Society Awards 2024 invites businesses, organizations, and institutions to present their real-world challenges. Let’s turn these challenges into springboards for innovation.

The Competition

IFS represents an open innovation initiative that unites corporations seeking innovative solutions to industry challenges with pioneering entrepreneurs and researchers at the leading-edge of technology.

The chosen participants will receive:
• Guidance and mentorship from the industry challenge owners
• Specialized training and seminars
• Personalized startup coaching sessions
• The chance to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) or pilot for a challenge
• An opportunity to compete for €40,000 in cash prizes


Transition of product samples to the new digital age

Corrosion Potential Determination in Extruded Aluminium Profiles

Digital Moisture Measurement Tools for Seedcotton Mass

Eco-Material for aquaculture net impregantion, replacing antifouling

Transforming Junior Programmers into High-Performing Developers

Energy mix management to reduce the company’s carbon footprintt

Factory Avatar

Automated assembly components for productivity enhancement

Mobile Tenant App: Enhancing Tenant Experience and Energy Efficiency

Dynamic Truck Appointment System in Container Terminals


Shape the future with your solutions

Your ideas have the power to change the world

Are you an innovator, a startup, a researcher, or a professional team with the knack for solving problems? The Innovation for Society Awards 2024 is searching for creative minds to develop solutions for real-world challenges.


From concept to prize

Two months to co-develop, accelerate, and win a share of 40.000€!


Co - organizers


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    Week of Events

    Meet the Coaches

    Questions and Answers

    Who can participate?

    Participation is accessible to:

    a) startups and spinoffs,

    b) research institutions or universities,

    c) teams comprising individuals from research backgrounds,

    d) teams comprising individuals from business,

    e)individuals from research or business backround and

    f) technology companies (SMEs).

    Is physical presence, required?

    The bootcamp phase will adopt a hybrid approach, with certain sessions benefiting from physical presence in Thessaloniki, Greece. During the validation phase, for the selected teams, most sessions will be conducted online, supplemented by on-site visits to the facilities of the challenge owners. The concluding phase, comprising the Demo Day, Pitching, and Ceremony, will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, with online accessibility provided.

    Will the program be conducted in English or Greek?

    The program promotes involvement from teams throughout Europe. Training,
    mentoring, and coaching sessions will be delivered in English.

    How much time should we devote to the program if we are accepted?

    You are expected to commit approximately 30 hours from mid- June 2024 until the conclusion (October). The teams chosen upon completion of the Bootcamp will embark on an 8-week program comprising weekly sessions for training, coaching, and mentoring.

    Is attendance in the program mandatory?

    Attendance at each training session is not compulsory; however, it is highly recommended for teams aspiring to compete for awards. A minimum level of engagement in coaching and training sessions is mandatory for eligibility to participate in the Demo Day / Pitching, scheduled at the conclusion of the program.

    Can a solution provider apply for more than one challenge?

    Yes, since there are no restrictions on the number of challenges a solution provider can address. Therefore, any additional recommended solutions are welcome for submission, though the solution providers should start the application process from the beginning.

    Corporate or Industry partners